Friday September 20, 2019

Wednesday September 18, 2019

Houston’s mayoral candidates say crime is getting worse. The numbers say otherwise. St. John Barned-Smith and Jasper Scherer, Houston Chronicle

The Private Option Marsha McLeod, The Atlantic

The Cost of Running Guantánamo Bay: $13 Million Per Prisoner Carol Rosenberg, New York Times

The Navajo Nation Opposed His Execution. The US Plans to Do It Anyway. Christie Thompson, The Marshall Project

Why This Scientist Keeps Receiving Packages of Serial Killers’ Hair Heather Murphy, New York Times

NRA Ramped Up Facebook Advertising Immediately After Mass Shootings in El Paso and Dayton Sam Biddle, The Intercept

Trump’s Plan to Stop Violence Via Smartphone Tracking Isn’t Just a Massive Privacy Violation Jane Hu, Slate

What Democratic candidates need to admit about criminal justice reform Chandra Bozelko and Ryan Lo, The Week

A Prison Lifer Comes Home Maura Ewing and Samantha Melamed, The Atlantic

Convicted of murder, but a police officer pulled the trigger (Alabama) Megan Thompson and Mori Rothman, PBS

SF plans to close juvenile hall, but a new proposal would put more youths there Jill Tucker and Joaquin Palomino, San Francisco Chronicle

The connection between video games and mass shootings isn’t just wrong – it’s racist Tanya Basu, MIT Technology Review

“Just Keep Asking”: True Crime Filmmakers Talk About Pushing A Classic Genre In New And More Ethical Directions at IFP Week 2019 Matt Prigge, Filmmaker Magazine

How Did The Real Crime Operation From Hustlers Actually Go Down? Joyce Chen, Refinery29

Friday September 13, 2019

White House weighs controversial plan on mental illness and mass shootings William Wan, Washington Post

Does a Kansas Inmate Have a Right to Opioid Addiction Drugs? A Judge Will Decide Sandra Garcia, New York Times

“Get on the Ground!”: Policing, Poverty, and Racial Inequality in Tulsa, Oklahoma Human Rights Watch

Officers Said They Smelled Pot. The Judge Called Them Liars. Joseph Goldstein, New York Times

The brain, the criminal and the courts Eryn Brown, Knowable Magazine

Fired, then rehired (Pennsylvania) William Bender and David Gambacorta, Philadelphia Inquirer

Harris County DA Seeks Execution of Intellectually Disabled Man, Lawyer Says (Texas) Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, The Appeal

“We failed as an agency”: Texas prison officials admit violating court order on air conditioned units for inmates Jolie McCullough, Texas Tribune

The Democrats’ Shameful Legacy on Crime Marie Gottschalk, New Republic

This Oklahoma woman got 12 years for selling $31 worth of marijuana but was later paroled. Now she’s back in jail for failure to pay court fees Samantha Vicent, Tulsa World

Bill to Help Scrub Records of Low-Level Offenders Hits Newsom’s Desk (California) Maria Dinzeo, Courthouse News

National, state and local police union officials call for St. Louis circuit attorney’s resignation Joel Currier, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

We Are Witnesses: Chicago The Marshall Project

Inside the Disturbing Case of the ‘Jeff Davis 8’: Showtime Series Examines Unsolved Murders Chris Harris, People

Amanda Knox & Lorena Bobbitt Team Up For True Crime Festival, Fans React Whitney Vasquez, Yahoo

Thursday September 12, 2019