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Kary Antholis founded Crime Story Media, LLC in July 2019, after retiring as President of Miniseries and Cinemax Programming at HBO. For full biography, see Publisher Biography link.


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More Crime and Justice in a Time of Pandemic (Week 34)

During this unprecedented moment, crimestory.com has a clear mission: we will continue to explore storytelling, news and narrative analysis in the world of crime and justice, while presenting many of our stories in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday we presented  my interview with Vince DiPersio, Executive Producer of Kim Kardashian: The Justice Project which airs Sunday, April 5 on Oxygen. During the course of his 30+ years as a filmmaker, Vince has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards and has won multiple Emmys. I first...

Kim Kardashian: The Justice Project – Interview with Executive Producer, Vince DiPersio

On today’s podcast I am joined by Vince DiPersio executive producer of Kim Kardashian: The Justice Project which airs Sunday, April 5 on Oxygen. During the course of his 30+ years as a filmmaker, Vince has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards and has won multiple Emmys. I first got to know Vince back in the early 1990s when we worked together on documentaries for HBO. Our conversation covers the evolution of his career as an audio visual storyteller, and culminates with a focus on the specifics...

The Durst Trial: Victim Shaming Strategy Meets the Supermodel

“When writing a novel a writer should create living people; people not characters. A character is a caricature.” Ernest Hemingway, Death in the Afternoon Anne Andersen-Doyle has traveled to Los Angeles from North Stradbroke Island, off the coast of Brisbane, Australia, where she volunteers teaching indigenous children to read. When asked by Prosecutor Habib Balian whether she was eager to come testify in the trial, Andersen-Doyle replies:  ANDERSEN-DOYLE: CONSIDERING THE IMPORTANCE OF THE MATTER, I THOUGHT I OWED IT TO...

Justice in a Time of Pandemic (Week 32)

Welcome to our weekly review of the events at crimestory.com. This was a light publishing week for us, as we worked to adjust our editorial calendar and plan around the new realities created by the coronavirus crisis. More about those plans a bit later in this newsletter. Early in the week I was invited to be a guest on Seema Iyer's Court TV program. Seema and I discussed the Robert Durst trial, and specifically focused on the stunning testimony offered by Durst's brother Thomas. You can watch that clip here.

All of CRIME STORY’S Reporting on the People vs. Robert Durst

Last week, Opening Arguments began in the California case of The People vs. Robert Durst. After a two and a half day opening statement by The People, the Defense will present their opening argument today beginning at 9am. They expect it to last about 4 hours. Crime Story has published 14 installments in a series of pieces about the events surrounding Durst’s trial for the murder of his longtime friend, Susan Berman. We present all of them below. As our collection of stories grows, we will update this list. You may click on...

CRIME STORY Contributors Read: The Prosecutor’s Cinematic Opening in The People vs. Robert Durst

We have added a podcast reading to this story that we published last week. John Lewin, the lead prosecutor in the trial of Robert Durst appears to be on a mission that goes beyond convicting Durst for the murder of Durst's long-time friend Susan Berman. With his opening statement in the trial, Lewin seems to be laying the groundwork for a story that he hopes will be so compelling, with a presentation of evidence so persuasive, that he will convince the jury beyond a reasonable doubt...