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Kary Antholis founded Crime Story Media, LLC in July 2019, after retiring as President of Miniseries and Cinemax Programming at HBO. For full biography, see Publisher Biography link.


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Drakeo the Ruler and the LA District Attorney Election

“Right now young men who sing and rap and rhyme are suffering for their ability to say what they want to. We all benefit from the artists who push the boundaries of speech, and so as a country we should see a collective interest in protecting them. This is especially true for artists who criticize the state, because once the state—which is supposed to be a representation of the people—is above reproach, we are entering Orwellian waters. That scares the shit out of me.” Excerpt From Michael Render’s (aka Killer Mike’s) Foreword to Rap...

More Durst, Hip Hop Culture on Trial and the Power of Nipsey Hussle (Week 14)

Welcome to our round up of the week's events at crimestory.com. Our continuing coverage of crime and the criminal legal process offers us the opportunity to identify themes that we plan to explore and reflect upon in the weeks and months ahead. The week began on the Tuesday after Veterans Day with Molly Miller's Tiny Evil, Rap and Gang Conspiracy, a piece that kicks off our exploration of the way that gang conspiracy laws are prosecuted in Los Angeles, and raises questions about whether police and prosecutors approach hip hop culture in a way that...

Robert Durst’s Lawyer Gets a Compliment (with Reading) (Durst 7)

“If you’re in Las Vegas and in trouble, call David Chesnoff.” Peter Lattman, Wall Street Journal Law Blog - May 8, 2007 This is the seventh in a series of articles about the hearings before the murder trial of Robert Durst. You may click on the hyperlinked titles to read Two Hearings: Robert Durst and Armon Nelson, While Robert Durst Flips Through Photos, Robert Durst Fades Away, Robert Durst and the Inequity of Judicial Time, Robert Durst’s Warrior in Court and Robert Durst Stares into the Camera.

Paul Butler Joins CRIME STORY, Lawfawn’s RightWay Journey and Amanda Knox Makes the Case for Ecarceration (Week 13)

Team Crime Story: Welcome to our round up of the week's events at crimestory.com. The week began with RightWay Youth: Lafawn’s Story, the third in our series of youth stories from our partnership with The RightWay Foundation (which you can read more about here). Lafawn Taylor (writing with Leland Hall) relates his experience growing up never knowing his parents and churning through four foster homes and around 30 group homes. Lafawn recounts how he faced the prospect of addiction, homelessness and possible incarceration. He then relates that the practical life coaching that he receives...

Paul Butler Joins CRIME STORY as Consulting Editor

I am delighted to announce that Paul Butler is joining CRIME STORY as Consulting Editor. Paul has been an advisor to CRIME STORY since the early development of the company. He has already joined me for two Podcast interviews, which you can find here and here. And today, he publishes and reads his first Op-Ed for CRIME STORY. "Trump, Jussie Smollett and "Embarrassment to Our Nation" which you can find here. Paul and I met through my involvement in the alumni of Georgetown Law, where he is a professor, and one of the nation’s...

The Many Faces of Crime Stories: Making a Murderer, Robert Durst and CSI (Week 12)

Team Crime Story:Welcome to our round up of the week's events at crimestory.com.The week began with my essay about Chip Lewis, Robert Durst’s Warrior in Court. This article is part of a series of pieces exploring how the Durst trial is educational in its contrasts with the ordinary realities of the criminal legal process in Los Angeles.The middle of the week was populated by our release of two sets of podcast interviews. The first was our conversation with Pam Veasey, Showrunner of “CSI: NY” and “CSI: Cyber”. During our conversation, we explored Pam's storytelling origins and how she took custody of the CSI vision, and how...