Mike Romano: GREAT day in Santa Clara Superior Court for Pete Heyberger

CRIME STORY has received permission to re-print Michael Romano‘s newsletters from Stanford Law School’s Three Strikes Project whose mission is to reverse the most unjust criminal sentences....

Interview: Sarah Gersten, The Profoundly Unjust Case of Michael Thompson

The Case of Michael Thompson: An Interview with Sarah Gersten In 1996, 45-year-old Michael Thompson was convicted in Michigan on...

Interview: Emily Bazelon, One of the Leading Writers on America’s Criminal Legal Process

“Anyone can be on the receiving end of a prosecutor's mistakes”: An Interview with Emily Bazelon Emily Bazelon is a...

Amanda Knox interviews Former FBI Agent about “a Loss of Trust in the Institution of Police”

“It's a fundamental misunderstanding of what police do and what motivates crime”: An Interview with Steve Moore From 1983 to...

Los Angeles City Council Poised to Cut $150 Million from Police Budget

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - A $150 million cut to the Los Angeles Police Department's budget for the next fiscal year is on the table today, as the...

L.A. County Board Considers Reallocating Jail Funding, New 911 System

By Elizabeth Marcellino, City News Service LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted today to consider shifting some money...

Friday July 3, 2020

PM Stories

As Congress leaves town, hopes for police reforms fade Jennifer Haberkorn and Elliot Wailoo, Los Angeles Times

Getting Judges on the Side of Abolition Matthew Clair, Boston Review

How Mandatory Minimums Are Weaponized Sandeep Dhaliwal, New York Times

Texas’ police use-of-force tactics scrutinized after George Floyd protests Todd Wiseman, Jeremiah Rhodes, and Jolie McCullough, Texas Tribune

Boston police once resembled the community. But force has grown whiter as city becomes more diverse Vernal Coleman, Boston Globe

He Says a Union Fired Him Over His Push for Police Reform Noam Scheiber, New York Times

We Know How George Floyd Died. It Wasn’t From Drugs. Carl L. Hart, New York Times

Is Ketamine the New Police Weapon Against Black Lives? Angelina Chapin, New York Magazine

The Fight to Stop Federal Executions Isn’t Over Jeremy Stahl, Slate

As debates over police reform rage, it’s time to end solitary confinement Amy Fettig and David Fathi, Philadelphia Inquirer

A death row inmate who was found dead had coronavirus. Nearly half the cases in California prisons are in the same facility Nicole Chavez, CNN

Prison Officials in Kansas Ignored the Pandemic. Then People Started Dying. Alice Speri, The Intercept

Behind Bars, but Still Posting on TikTok Louise Matsakis, Wired

AM Stories

On policing, state leaders struggle to respond to demands for fundamental change Nolan D. McCaskill, Politico

‘It makes it very difficult to fire them’: police union contracts protect bad officers, critics warn Tom Perkins, The Guardian

Police chiefs: Mounting pressure to alter operations, persistent Covid threat prompts unease Kevin Johnson, USA Today

How Police Abuse the Charge of Resisting Arrest Lisa Cacho and Jodi Melamed, Boston Review

We Can’t Just Replace Cops With Social Workers Jonathan Foiles, Slate

How to Make a Police Force More Diverse Jennifer Doleac, Bloomberg

Protests over police brutality and criminal justice reform intensify race for LA district attorney James Queally, Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles cuts LAPD spending, taking police staffing to its lowest level in 12 years David Zahniser, Dakota Smith, and Emily Alpert Reyes, Los Angeles Times  

Nearly $1 Billion Is Shifted From Police in Budget That Pleases No One (New York) Dana Rubinstein and Jeffery C. Mays, New York Times

NYC passes $88B budget with significant changes to NYPD Shant Shahrigian, New York Daily News

Can the NYPD Handle a $1 Billion Cut? Yes Mara Gay, New York Times

How New York Protesters Are Handling a Stinging Defeat Aymann Ismail, Slate

The Scars of Being Policed While Black Laurence Ralph, New York Times

How Black Lives Matter fits into the long history of American radicalism Sean Illing, Vox


COVID-19 in Prison: Week by Week — Part 7

WEEK 7 (APRIL 26 - MAY 2)  On Tuesday, April 28, a bare-faced Vice President Mike Pence toured the Mayo Clinic, flouting that facility’s mask requirement. “Since I don't have the coronavirus,” he explained, “I thought it'd be a good opportunity for me to be here, to be able to speak to these researchers, these incredible health care personnel, and look them in the eye and say, 'Thank you.' " The previous week saw a slight decline in COVID death and infection rates in the prison system: 87 prisoners and...